• Lucidity: The Web Saga

    Our award-winning web series about two roommates who share an unlikely psychic connection. See more at the Official Website Here


    "…one of the most imaginative (web series) you’ll ever see and really pushes the envelope in terms of what a web series can be and where it can go."
    - LAWebFest



    "For a zero-based-budget film company with volunteer cast and crew shooting, you guys deserve a lucid Emmy — or LEmmy for Episode IV"
    Robert Waggoner Author of Lucid Dreaming: Gateway to the Inner Self


  • Award Winning Shorts

    Have a couple minutes? Check out our growing selection of bizarre original short films.  Watch them all here!


    "From the makers of the long running web series “Lucidity,” director Oliver and pals have created an enjoyably entertaining sci-fi short with the perfect blend of seriousness and comedy, practical effects and CGI.."
    - William Pierce, Phoenix Indie Films Examiner




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